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Water Conservation

Responsible water management can be attributed to the design of our facility. Rainwater harvesting introduces fresh water into our facility, which is captured and stored throughout the greenhouse.The benching systems used within the greenhouse recapture water not absorbed by the plants and return it to storage for reuse.

Biological Control

Economical and environmentally responsible - biological control plays an important role in our production. Our integrated pest management plan focuses on control using beneficial insects to naturally manage greenhouse predators. Good bugs eating bad bugs, a simple yet surprisingly complicated task undertaken by staff.

Energy Conservation

The systems we have in place may not be apparent but all play important roles in the efficiency of our modern facility. Conservation and responsibility have guided us to build the facility you see today.

  • Energy curtains
  • Hot water storage
  • Fuel gas condenser
  • Environmental control setting
  • Boiler tune-up
  • Time of use consumption
  • Variable frequency motors
  • Component efficiency
  • Insulation
  • Management practices
  • Recycling

Power Generation

Cogeneration or combined heat and power is the use of a power station to generate electricity and useful heat at the same time. Cogeneration is an efficient use of natural gas, as both the heat and electricity are put to use within the greenhouse.