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4" Kalanchoe

Always a top performer - High sell through comes from knowing your customer.

Kalanchoe varieties have exceptional water holding capacity in their leaves, a reserve admired by consumer and retailer alike. An array of bright seasonal colors can complement your marketing effort and are well suited to cross promotion of valued added accessories such as ceramics. Watch sell through as you move Kalanchoes near the cash register or entrance.

Low water consumption, long shelf life and bright colors are the top reasons interiorscapers feature Kalanchoes within their work.

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4" Kalanchoe

Average Weekly Production 600 Cases
Maximum Weekly Capacity 1800 Cases
UPC Code 03338396436
Pack Size Skid Quantity Carton Size
Length Width Height
18 (default) 30 24 3/4" 12 1/4" 12"
15 35 21 3/4" 12 1/4" 14"